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Dr. Michael L. Brodie

"Whatever you are doing with computers, you are changing our world. Is it for the better?"


Bio - Dr. Michael L. Brodie

Dr. Michael L. Brodie has served as Chief Scientist of a Fortune 20 company, an Advisory Board member of leading national and international research organizations, and an invited speaker and lecturer. In his role as Chief Scientist Dr. Brodie has researched and analyzed challenges and opportunities in advanced technology, architecture, and methodologies for Information Technology strategies. He has guided advanced deployments of emergent technologies at industrial scale, most recently Cloud Computing and Big Data. In his Advisory Board roles Dr. Brodie addresses current and emergent strategic challenges and opportunities that are central to the charter and success of the organizations. As an invited speaker Dr. Brodie has presented compelling visions, challenges, and strategies for our emerging Digital Universe in over 100 keynote speeches in over 30 countries and in over 100 books and articles.

Throughout his career Dr. Brodie has been active in both advanced, academic research and large-scale industrial practice attempting to obtain mutual benefits from the industrial deployment of innovative technologies while helping research to understand industrial requirements and constraints. He has contributed to multi-disciplinary problem solving at scale in contexts such as Terrorism and Individual Privacy, and Information Technology Challenges in Healthcare Reform.

Dr. Brodie holds a Doctor of Science (honoris causa) from the National University of Ireland and a PhD in Databases from the University of Toronto. He is concerned with the Big Picture including business, economic, social, application, and technical aspects of information ecosystems, core technologies, and integration.

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